Holiday Reminders


Happy Holidays from Fountain Hills Law Firm! Christmas and New Year are just around the corner, and as always, we would like to remind everyone to be safe out there when it comes to engaging in holiday fun. This is the time of year we commonly see an increase in accidents, from unintentional fires in the home, to slips and falls outdoors, to traffic collisions and fatalities on the road.

Don’t let an avoidable accident be a part of your holiday season. Whether you are stringing lights while standing on a ladder, lighting a fireplace, traveling in winter conditions, or trying to get home from a holiday party after a night of drinking, make sure to put safety first.

If you do find yourself in an unwanted holiday mishap, Fountain Hills Law Firm is here to help. We handle personal injury matters, as well as criminal, DUI and traffic defense cases, and we also offer free telephone and in-office consultations.