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Client Testimonials

Highly Professional & Efficient

We wanted to thank Tait Elkie for his excellent service to us last July, in completing a will, trust, and durable power of attorney. He is extremely professional, knowledgeable, personable and efficient. I would be very confident taking any legal matter to Tait for his expertise.

A&M L.

Scrupulous Attorney

I was represented by Tait Elkie when facing a DUI charge. I was very worried and had a variety of questions. Tait was very understanding and gave very thorough answers; through that I was brought a sense of relief and felt more of a human being than is usually garnered when facing legal trouble. Because of him I was able to profit a very favorable outcome (1 month’s sentencing instead of 4). I am really grateful for Tait Elkie being my attorney and I would indubitably recommend him for any representation.


Superb Attorney

I write to express appreciation for the terrific service you provided in updating my Living Trust. It has been a distinct pleasure to make your acquaintance, and quite comforting to know that such a superb attorney is close by.


Supportive and Vigilant

Tait Elkie was helpful in many ways when I needed the support of a successful lawyer. He was patient and worked with my hectic schedule. He listened to the case, made impartial recommendations in the sake of my best interest, and was receptive to my side of the story. Most importantly, he was vigilant on my behalf and did what it took to get the case dismissed. Mr. Elkie was instrumental in getting this case behind me so that I can move on with my life. Case closed.


Highly Recommended

I was most impressed with Mr. Elkie as an attorney and it feels great to finally encounter a great and professional legal mind with integrity who I can call now when I need legal help.



Thank you so much for taking the time to help get our [estate plan] documents all in order. We never would have been so proactive without your generosity. We really appreciate all of the time you put into making this happen and our lovely organized binder with it all available. You’re very kind to share your expertise and offer your time to help. On behalf of the Fountain Hills Fire Department… we thank you.


Professional and Experienced

When I was faced with a D.U.I., I searched diligently for the best representation I could find. I met two individuals that recommended Tait Elkie. When I met with Tait he was very humble in his approach, and unlike other attorneys I had met, he didn’t push me to sign the necessary paperwork for representation. He educated me about my rights, the law, and the best way to approach the situation. Once I hired him to represent me he was diligent in his approach to get everything filed in a timely manner and kept me constantly informed. His obvious experience and positive relationships within the Scottsdale Court arena put me at ease. I was extremely pleased with the end result and very impressed with Tait’s professionalism. I will continue to highly recommend the Fountain Hills Law Firm, and I am very thankful for all their hard work.



I had the opportunity to meet Tait Elkie years ago. More recently, I called him to seek the advice on a contract issue. He offered me his time and advice and gave me a couple of different options in how I may be able to handle to situation. He is very professional, caring and well versed in many aspects of the law. Legal matters can be very overwhelming and intimidating and yet with Tait on my side, I know I have put my situation in good hands.


In a Short Period of Time

Thank you Tait for helping us with our complicated insurance claim and accident situation. You helped us to understand how to deal with a serious situation. We came to see you and in a short period of time you explained what the correspondence from the insurance company meant and how we should proceed. Your expertise shed valuable light on the problem for us. I would certainly recommend your firm to those who need legal advice and counseling and look forward to working with you in the future. Your help is especially noteworthy as we were from out state and did not have any legal representatives in this area.

D.M. & J.M.

Very Professional

I sent in an email inquiry about a legal problem and did not expect an answer; however, he responded quickly and resolved my issue very professionally and beyond my expectations. I live out of the State where the issue occurred and was beside myself because I did not know the law or understand my options. Mr. Elkie, in one phone call, put my mind at ease at once.


Skilled Attorney

I am very grateful to him for his knowledge and professional, but kind demure. I would not hesitate to recommend Mr. Elkie highly to anyone who needs a skilled attorney. I usually dread dealing with attorneys; however, Mr. Elkie restores my faith that there are professionals in the legal industry with whom you can trust to research a legal quagmire, then lay-out your options, and resolve your legal issues with solutions that are both affordable and equitable. Thank you so much Mr. Elkie – I will sleep better at night thanks to you.



Tait Elkie is an outstanding lawyer with an exceptional understanding of the laws. My DUI case was a very complicated matter which required great attention to detail from every angle. I was absolutely impressed with his approach and analysis. From beginning to end, his information gathering to build the case was organized, extremely structured and effective. His courtroom presence and demeanor drew obvious attention and respect from all parties involved. It was easily recognized that Mr. Elkie was the person in control of the floor and it was proven in the outcome.


Fantastic Attorney!!

I would like to start by saying that Tait is a top notch attorney who knows the criminal justice system well. He is extremely intelligent, diligent, hardworking and has a sincere interest in every case and client. I am a former police officer who was charged with a serious felony and was more than impressed with the work Tait put into my case. My case was dismissed and I now have my life back thanks to Tait. I owe him a lot! This is an attorney who has a very, very bright future. He’s one of the best! He was referred to me by a very big and reputable law firm in Phoenix and I would certainly recommend Tait for anyone who wants the best representation possible. He is everything you want in an attorney.


Very Informative

[Mr. Elkie] returned my call before 5 p.m. the same day, even though I had just called around 4:30 p.m. He was very informative regarding the Photo Radar speeding ticket I had received. His advice was thought and freely offered. I will be suggesting this attorney to my friends at Arizona State!


Thank You!

I had a driving ticket, poor experience, was scared to death of the consequences that were in front of me. Tait took the time and energies, heard me out, went to the judge with me, and it all worked out perfect. He is a terrific man with a huge amount of knowledge. Thank you.


Legal Council for DUI

Tait Elkie represented me in a situation which I thought to be a total loss. The outcome far exceeded my expectations. I am very thankful for his help and appreciate his in-depth analysis of my case.


Very Helpful Advice

Mr. Elkie was polite, knowledgeable and very helpful. I am from NJ and called him regarding speeding violations I received while on vacation in AZ. He was well aware and experienced with my type of situation and helped me accordingly. Thank you!!


Attorney Endorsements

Lisa Stone

Lisa Stone

I unequivocally endorse this attorney. Tait is a highly skilled, professional, exceptionally diligent and ethical attorney. While formidable as a criminal defense and personal injury attorney he is also a masterful estate planning lawyer. He is very approachable and respectful to everyone.

Lisa Stone, Divorce Attorney, Scottsdale, AZ

James Simpson

James Simpson

I highly recommend Tait Elkie as an attorney. I am in the unique position to have known and observed Tait’s work from several different perspectives. I first met Tait as opposing counsel when I started my career as a prosecutor. His ability, professionalism, and true concern for his clients were immediately apparent. I also had the opportunity to work with him briefly in small law firm, and I am now honored not only to be his colleague but a friend.

James Simpson, Section Chief Counsel, Arizona Attorney General’s Office, Phoenix, AZ

Allyson Shepston

Allyson Shepston

Tait is a very experienced and reliable attorney in many fields. I have referred a number of clients to Tait and will continue to do so; his experience and expertise along with his professional approach is a winning combination. He is supportive of his fellow attorneys in the community as well; I know this because I have called upon him to provide guidance to me in areas of law in which I am less familiar, and he is always willing to help. I highly recommend him.

Allyson Shepston, Estate Planning and Probate Attorney, Scottsdale, AZ

Mark Beller

Mark Beller

I fully endorse Mr. Elkie. In addition to being an excellent attorney and a wealth of knowledge, he is among the most dedicated advocates I have had the pleasure to work with. Anyone would be well served to have Mr. Elkie in their corner.

Mark Beller, Criminal and DUI Defense Attorney, Scottsdale, AZ

Russell Richelsoph

Russell Richelsoph

Tait is a great attorney and a fellow Marine. I highly recommend him.

Russell Richelsoph, Criminal and DUI Defense Attorney, Tempe, AZ

Jon Martinez

Jon Martinez

Tait is an amazing attorney who has an excellent reputation in the legal community. He is known for fighting for his clients and has a fantastic track record to show for it. Tait has a superior knowledge of the law and the rare ability to use that knowledge inside of the courtroom at the benefit of all of his clients.

Jon Martinez, Criminal Defense Attorney, Phoenix, AZ

Woodrow Thompson

Woodrow Thompson

Tait is an excellent lawyer. I have handled several matters in concert with Tait. His diligence and knowledge are invaluable assets for his clients.

Woodrow Thompson, Criminal and DUI Defense Attorney, Phoenix, AZ

Shawn White

Shawn White

I’ve referred numerous clients to Tait due to his knowledge, work ethic and dedication. He’s an outstanding and aggressive attorney. I’d recommend Tait without any hesitation.

Shawn White, Business Attorney, Fountain Hills, AZ

Douglas Schwab

Douglas Schwab

Tait is an aggressive and thorough attorney.

Douglas Schwab, Public Law Attorney, Phoenix, AZ